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Wilson® VH3100 Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testers

The VH3100 Vickers and Knoop hardness test system features a 3-position virtual turret with one Vickers indenter and two measurement objectives, an automated X/Y sample stage (110 mm x 140 mm travel range), a bright field overview camera for sample navigation and scanning and a powerful image analysis. A purpose-designed collision protection system helps to avoid accidental damage to the indenters and objectives due to operator errors. The VH3100 hardness testing system provides the ultimate high capacity testing platform capable of performing 150 make and measure indents an hour (with 10 seconds dwell time) using the fully automated test program.

The VH3100 with its extensive variety of scales and magnifications excels through maximum flexibility for automated hardness testing to ASTM and ISO no matter whether a quality control production environment or in a test laboratory. It is ideal for more advanced heat treatment processes like the aerospace, automotive, energy, construction and transportation industries that require hardness testing systems to be durable while maintaining precise control during critical test data generation.

The VH3100 is now available also available as ‘All-in-One’ which is preconfigured with macro and micro ranges, closed loop load cell force control, DiaMet Enterprise hardness testing software and precision optical measurement system. The All-in-One VH3100 is easily operated and is ideal for production control hardness testing.

Other features of the All-in-One include:
- Load range: 0.05-10kgf
- ISO and ASTM certified Vickers indenter
- 10x and 50x long working distance objective for measurements and navigation
- Motorized Stage 180x180mm stage (travel 110x140mm)
- 5 MP bright field overview camera for sample navigation, scanning etc.
- The DiaMet Enterprise software offers mapping, edge detection, scanning, stitching of overview image, CHD calculations, statistics, weld testing, geometric measurement functions, exporting all common file types and barcode scanner interface. It also includes a high performance personal computer with a 24” full HD touch monitor.

The fully integrated platform provides operators with a fully automated environment to develop and execute hardness tests accurately and with ease. Optional vises, clamps, sample holders, ISO certified hardness test blocks and other accessories are not included in the All-in-One and will need to be ordered separately.

The Wilson® VH3100 hardness tester from Buehler offers an easy to use interface that is flexible enough to meet the increasing demands of the aerospace, energy, construction and transportation industries.

Ease of use

  • Focus on a fast and simple operation to satisfy the needs of inexperienced operators, while maintaining the flexibility and complexity of features required by expert users with DiaMet operation software

Increased throughput - increased productivity

  • Virtual Turret with overview view camera (optional) - with indenter, objectives and overview camera fixed, system complexity is reduced.

Increase up-time & reduce service costs

  • Collision Resistant System - prevents indenter or objective damage.
  • All components and software are completely designed, manufactured, and integrated by Buehler.
For more information on DiaMet™ software, click here: DiaMet.

Wilson® VH3100 Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testers
Wilson® VH3100 Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testers Specifications
Load Range     0,05*-10kgf
Objectives     3 positions  - configurable objectives
Indenters       1 position, Knoop or Vickers
Overview       Optional
Test scales     HV0.05 - HV0.1 - HV0.2 - HV0.3 - HV0.5 - HV1 - HV2 - HV3 - HV5 - HV10
              HK0.2 - HK0.3 - HK0.5 - HK1 - HK2

Part Number Description Quick Quote
Wilson VH3100 Vickers/Knoop Hardness tester Please contact Buehler's Inside Sales to support you for the correct configuration
VH3100 All-in-1 Wilson VH3100, completely configured (sample holder excluded)
  Customize your Wilson VH3100
W3111 VH3100 Automatic Knoop/Vickers hardness tester Quick Quote
W3100A03 VH3000-series DiaMet Full-automatic Software package Quick Quote
W3100A05 VH3000 series DiaMet Full-automatic scan & template software package Quick Quote
W3100A06 VH3000-series DiaMet Full-automatic scan & mapping software package Quick Quote
W3100A15 VH3000-series DiaMet Full-automatic Enterprise Software package Quick Quote
W3100C02 High Speed Automatic XY Stage 180x180mm Quick Quote
W3100C03 High Speed Automatic XY Stage 300x180mm Quick Quote
W3100D01 VH3100 - 125 mm vertical test capacity Quick Quote
W3100D02 VH3100 - 170 mm vertical test capacity Quick Quote
W3100D03 VH3100 - 215 mm vertical test capacity Quick Quote
W3100E02 VH3100 - Loadcell 50gf to 10kgf integrated Quick Quote
W3100G01 Standard fixed mounted indenter holder (not required with SnapGrip) Quick Quote
W3100G02 SnapGrip indenter holder - start kit (male-female) Quick Quote
W3100G02A SnapGrip additional indenter insert (male only) Quick Quote
W9100684 Knoop Indenter (NVLAP) dual cert Quick Quote
W9100687 Vickers Indenter (NVLAP) dual cert Quick Quote
W5XLWD 5X Long Working Distance objective Zoom range: 25x - 100x (FOV 255 - 2750 microns) Quick Quote
W10XLWD 10X Long Working Distance objective Zoom range: 50x - 200x (FOV 100 - 1100 microns) Quick Quote
W20XLWD 20X Long Working Distance objective Zoom range: 100x - 400x (FOV 50 - 560 microns) Quick Quote
W40XLWD 40X Long Working Distance objective Zoom range: 200x - 800x (FOV 25 - 270 microns) Quick Quote
W50XLWD 50X Long Working Distance objective Zoom range: 250x - 1000x (FOV 20 - 220 microns) Quick Quote
W100XLWD 100X Long Working Distance objective Zoom range: 500x - 2000x (FOV 10 - 105 microns) Quick Quote
W3110F01 VH3100 - Overview camera high resolution Quick Quote

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Wilson® VH3100 Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testers
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