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The VH1102 and VH1202 micro hardness tester machines designed for both Knoop and Vickers offer a versatile, affordable, and reliable solution for accurate micro-hardness testing, both for quality control and for metallurgical research applications. The VH1002-series allows it´s operator to take measurements using the digital eyepiece in standalone mode or by using an optional integrated high-resolution camera and the powerful DiaMet™ software.

Buehler’s microhardness testers are equipped with a four position turret which includes one indenter position as well as a 10x and 50x objective. The turret offers either four or six objective slots, allowing you to fit all the magnification power for your application. The standard 10x and 50x objective can be extended with an 100x objective, thus allowing for a total magnification of up to 1000x.

Experience the comfort and accuracy of a higher segment

  • The manual load selector knob is replaced with a durable motor to change the loads automatically.
  • The fast & quiet motorized turret is integrated as part of completely automatic test cycle. One push off the start button is all it takes.


  • Designed for both Vickers and Knoop testing conform international standards ISO 6507 and ASTM E384
  • Segment leading load range¬†- 0.01 - 2 kgf load range over nine (9) individual load steps

Increased ease of use with Automation

  • Basic ‚Äì fully control the tester and measure the indents on your PC screen with a built-in camera and the DiaMet software. A powerful data management tool allows you to evaluate and store your data. ¬†
  • Semi-Automatic - Helps you setting up easy traverses for a CHD or NHT measurement with it's motorized XY-stage and eliminates the user influence by measuring the indent diagonals automatically. ¬†
  • Full-Automatic - Using a camera, motorized XY-stage and auto-focus, the full automatic DiaMet systems can take and measure hundreds of indents without operator interference.
For more information on DiaMet™ software, click here: DiaMet.
Wilson® VH1102 & 1202 Micro Hardness Testers Specifications
  VH1102 VH1202
Load Range 10-2000gf 10-2000gf
Objectives 3 positions 4 positions
Indenters 1 position, Knoop or Vickers 2 positions, select Knoop or Vickers
LCD 7' color LCD with USB out
Test Scales HV0.01 - HV0.025 - HV0.05 - HV0.1 - HV0.2 - HV0.3 - HV0.5 - HV1 - HV2
HK0.01 - HK0.025 - HK0.05 - HK0.1 - HK0.2 - HK0.3 - HK0.5 - HK1 - HK2
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Wilson VH1202 & VH1202 Probador de microdureza