Social Responsibility | Buehler

Social Responsibility
At Buehler, we consider our impact on the communities where we live and work, the lives we touch, and the environment around us. As we manage many other ongoing initiatives to continually enhance our business processes and reinforce the commitment to our customers, we also continue to support our communities and encourage our employees to make a difference by giving back.

Throughout the year, we support numerous other corporate citizenship programs, primarily in education and human welfare. Through presentations, joint activities and fundraisers, we support Junior Achievement and United Way Worldwide. For several years, Buehler and ITW participate in the Work Study program at Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep School; through this program, Buehler is helping students achieve a high school education as well as making them college bound through their work study program.

Environmental Responsibility
Buehler is committed to operating our business in a way that demonstrates our dedication to global environmental sustainability. This commitment is reflected in the following priorities:
  • Improving our environmental performance on an ongoing basis and reducing environmental impact
  • Working with suppliers who operate with similar dedication to global environmental sustainability; and
  • Partnering with our customers in innovating solutions that address their needs for environmentally responsible products
It is not enough to achieve our mission to be the premier provider of solutions for our market. We feel strongly that part of our responsibility is to our community and global environmental sustainability. It is for this reason that in 2010 we adopted a robust recycling program throughout our operations and front offices. Now in its fifth year, this program prevents nearly 110,000 pounds [50,000 kilograms] of waste from entering landfills annually, in turn conserving other resources such as electricity, oil and water.

Most recently Buehler became involved with the LovetheOceans, a non-profit marine conservation organization based in Mozambique. The organization does research on artisanal shark and ray fisheries. Buehler’s supported the group with equipment to aid in cutting vertebrae for testing. This is a great aid to speed up research and provide evidence for both sustainable fishing and protecting endangered species.