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Buehler's new digital programmable vacuum system for cold mounting in epoxy offers excellent pore impregnation in a compact format. Using your compressed air source, this system quickly and efficiently pulls a vacuum to evacuate trapped air from any porous samples, resulting in optimized edge retention and additional support for processing delicate samples.

High efficiency

  • Large chamber diameter allows for a high volume of samples to be processed, while the sample tray also provides ample room for larger samples to fit easily in the chamber

Optimized Pore Impregnation

  • Use our dispensing tubes and the built-in rotating turn table to dispense epoxy while under vacuum


  • Set the number of cycles, vacuum level and time under vacuum
  • Allows for multiple cycles to run without user interference, creating consistency while reducing active user time to process samples
SimpliVac™ Vacuum System Specifications
Voltage 100-240 VAC/ 50-60 HZ, Single Phase
Air input requirements 0.6MPa
Machine Size 12.8in (325mm) H x 19.2in (488mm) D x 18.6in (472mm) W
Weight 51Lbs (23kg)
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SimpliVac Vacuum System Demo
SimpliVac Vacuum System Demo

This video demonstrates the SimpliVac vacuum mounting system which is uniquely able to apply multiple vacuum cycles and thereby optimize impregnation of porous samples with epoxy resins.