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2020 Product Catalog
Product Line Card
Consumables Product Line Card
SumMet Guide
SumMet Guide
Abrasive Cutters
AbrasiMatic® 300
AbrasiMet® 250
Delta Manual
Abrasive Vising Guide
AbrasiMet XL Pro Automatic Abrasive Cutter
AbrasiMet M Manual Abrasive Cutter
Precision Cutters
IsoMet® 1000
IsoMet® LS
PetroThin® System
IsoMet High Speed Pro
IsoMet High Speed
Cast N' Vac
Mounting Application Guide
SimpliMet 4000
Grinding & Polishing
Apex System
Burst Dispensing System
CarbiMet & MicroCut Paper
AutoMet® 250 Family
AutoMet® 300 Family
MiniMet® 1000
PlanarMet 300
Polishing Application Guide
VibroMet™ 2
EcoMet 30
Apex S Systems
Imaging & Analysis
OmniMet® Modular Solutions
Microscope Configuration Guide
Wilson Hardness Testers
Iron-Carbon/Cementite Phase Diagram
Rockwell® 574
Universal Hardness Tester - Wilson® UH4000
Rockwell 2000
Wilson VH3100
Brinell BH3000
DiaMet Software
Hardness Leveling Vises
Wilson VH3300
Wilson VH1102 & 1202
Test Block Application Guide
Hardness Catalog
Wilson Hardness Conversion Chart
Wilson Legacy Tester Program
Petrography Product Guide
Published Articles
Metallographic Etching
Grinding and Polishing Guide
Metallographic Mounting
Knoop Hardness Testing
Titanium Specimen Preparation & Testing
Vickers Hardness Testing
Magnesium Metallographic Preparation
Brinell Hardness Testing
Rockwell Hardness Testing
Metallographic Polishing Abrasives
Aluminum Metallographic Specimen Preparation and Testing
History of Hardness
Hardness Testing Concepts
Hardness Testing Best Practices
Non-destructive Hardness Testing
Smarter Sample Preparation
Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility
Advanced Techniques for Hardness Testing
Image Analysis for Hardness Testing
Copper Color Metallography
Imaging Phases In Steels
Metallography of Superalloys
Printed Wiring Board Paper
Trends in Specimen Preparation
Volume 4 Issue 5: Time Saving in CHD Heat Treatmen...
Volume 4 Issue 3 Sectioning of Electronic Components
Volume 4 Issue 2: Hot Cell Metallographic Sample Preparation
Volume 4 Issue 1: Cutting Edge Hardness Testing
Volume 3 Issue 2: Time Study Case Hardness Testing of Automotive Crank Pins and Journals
Volume 3 Issue 1: PlanarMet Induction Hardened Materials
Volume 3 Issue 2: Replicating Media
Volume 2 Issue 3: Printed Circuit Board Micro-sectioning
Volume 2 Issue 2: Semi-Automated Parallel Material Removal
Volume 2 Issue 1: Preparation of Flexible Circuits
Volume 1 Issue 6: Preparation of Concrete
Volume 1 Issue 5: Preparation of Intravascular Thin Sections
Volume 1 Issue 4: Preparation of Cement Clinkers
Volume 1 Issue 3: Preparation of Petrographic Thin Sections
Volume 1 Issue 2: Preparation of Otolith Cross Sections
Volume 1 Issue 1: Preparation of Bone Cross-Sections With Implants
Volume 7 Issue 9: Efficient Sample Preparation of Titanium Grade 2
Volume 7 Issue 7: Lithium Battery Sample Preparation
Volume 7 Issue 5: Metallographic Preparation of Lead Free Solder Material
Volume 7 Issue 4: Error and Uncertainty in Metallographic Measurement
Volume 7 Issue 3: Accurate Porosity Measurement in Thermal Spray Coatings
Volume 7 Issue 2: Metallographic Preparation of Medical Implants – Stents, Orthopaedics…
Volume 7 Issue 1: Hardness Testing to Map or Not to Map
Volume 6 Issue 2: Field Metallography
Volume 6 Issue 1: Efficient Sample Preparation And Analysis Of Ferrous Materials
Volume 5 Issue 6: Solar Cell Microstructure Analysis
Volume 5 Issue 5: Metallographic Practices for Thermally Sprayed Coatings
Volume 5 Issue 4: Identifying Isothermally-Transformed Steel
Volume 5 Issue 3: Metallographic Preparation of Tool Steels
Volume 5 Issue 2: Metallographic Preparation for Electron Backscattered Diffraction
Volume 5 Issue 1: The Al-Si Phase Diagram
Volume 4 Issue 5: Preparation of Intravascular Stent Thin Sections
Volume 4 Issue 4: Resin/Diamond Surfaces Enhance Microstructural Analysis of Thermally Sprayed Coatings
Volume 4 Issue 3: Welding Metallography - Ferrous Metals
Volume 4 Issue 2: Metallography of Magnesium and it's Alloys
Volume 4 Issue 1: Quantitative Image Analysis, Part II Applications
Volume 3 Issue 8: Specimen Preparation of Bones, Tissues and Other Similar Materials
Volume 3 Issue 7: Microstructure of Ferrous Alloys
Volume 3 Issue 6: Precision Cutting - The Science of the Cut
Volume 3 Issue 5: Petrographic Examination Methods
Volume 3 Issue 4: Orbital Technology - The Science of the Cut
Volume 3 Issue 3: Metallographic Preparation of Titanium and its Alloys
Volume 3 Issue 2: Preparation of Cast Aluminum-Silicon Alloys
Volume 3 Issue 1: Microelectronics, Part I: Cutting, Mounting
Volume 2 Issue 5: Metallography of Precious Metals for Jewelry
Volume 2 Issue 4: Quantitative Image Analysis, Part I Principles
Volume2 Issue 3: Planarmet AL Paper For Rough Grinding
Volume 2 Issue 2: Preparation of Cast Iron Foundry Alloys
Volume 2 Issue 1: Which Hot Mounting Compound Should I Use?
Volume 1 Issue 8: Contemporary Concepts in Section Preparation
Volume 1 Issue 7: Microsectioning for Soldered Connection Analysis
Volume 1 Issue 6: Intro. to Microindentation Methods
Volume 1 Issue 5: Intro. to Quantitative Metallography
Volume 1 Issue 4: Image Processing in the Material's Laboratory
Volume 1 Issue 3: The World Beyond Bright field Illumination
Volume 1 Issue 2: Preparation of Thermally Sprayed Coatings
Volume 1 Issue 1: Fastener Metallography for Today
Volume 13 Issue 6: Color Metallography