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Final Polishing Suspensions

Final polishing suspensions are designed to remove the final layer of surface deformation and prepare a sample for analysis. A variety of alumina and silica products are offered including colloidal silica polishing suspension to meet many different application needs.

Excellent Surface Finish:

  • Final polishing suspensions remove the final layer of surface deformation that may be left after diamond polishing. While this deformation is often invisible to the naked eye, it must be removed for some analysis techniques.

Application Specific Solutions:

  • Alumina suspensions and powders along with colloidal silica suspensions offer a solution for the wide variety of materials being processed in today's world.

Final Polishing Suspensions Specifications
Sol-gel alumina suspension
Excellent for minerals, ferrous metals, low melting point alloys, carbides, PWB"s, precious metals and electronics.
Amorphous colloidal silica suspension
Chemo-mechanical polishing action
Excellent for metals, minerals, ceramics, and polymers
MasterMet 2
Non-crystallizing amorphous colloidal silica suspension suitable for automatic dispensing
Chemo-mechanical polishing action
Excellent for metals, minerals, ceramics, and polymers
Blend of high purity alumina and colloidal silica
Contains minimal water and is optimal for water sensitive materials
Excellent for most magnesium alloys, cobalt alloys, most iron alloys, nickel, and metal matrix composites
MasterPolish 2
Iron oxide suspension
Chemo-mechanical polishing action
Excellent for sapphire, glass, alumina, silicon nitride, and metal/ceramic composites
MicroPolish Alumina
Agglomerated alumina offering higher removal rates compared to other aluminas of the same size
Available in Suspension or Powder form
Available in 0.05µm, 0.3µm, and 1µm
Good for use on magnesium, lead, and their alloys
MicroPolish II Alumina
High quality deagglomerated alumina produces better surface finish than agglomerated versions
Available in Suspension or Powder
Available in 0.3µm and 1µm
Suitable for most minerals and metals

Final Polishing Suspensions
Product Micron Size 6oz[0.18L] 32oz[0.95L] 64oz[1.9L]
MasterPrep Alumina 0.05µm 63-6377-006 40-6377-032 40-6377-064
MasterMet Colloidal Silica 0.06µm 40-6370-006 40-6370-064
MasterMet 2 Non-Crystalizing Colloidal Silica 0.02µm 40-6380-006 40-6380-064
MasterPolish Final Polish 0.05µm 40-10084
MasterPolish 2 Final Polish 0.06µm 40-6376-032
    Powder Suspension
Product Micron Size 1lb[0.45kg] 5lb[2.3kg] 6oz[0.18L] 128oz[3.8L]
MicroPolish Alumina 0.05µm 40-10075 40-10076 40-10083
MicroPolish Alumina 0.3µm 40-10077 40-10078 40-10082
MicroPolish Alumina 1µm 40-10079 40-10080 40-10081
MicroPolish II Alumina 0.3µm 40-6323-016 40-6323-080 40-6363-006 40-6363-128
MicroPolish II Alumina 1µm 40-6321-016 40-6321-080 40-6361-006

Final Polishing Suspensions
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