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FibrFlex Fiber Optic Illuminator

FibrFlex from Buehler is a versatile fiber optic illuminator system that is suitable for a wide range of applications. FibrFlex uses LED lighting to illuminate specimen samples for metallographic testing with even illumination. This LED fiber optic illuminator works seamlessly with other Buehler microscopes.

  • Versatile illumination system with multiple applications.
  • Includes 150W tungsten halogen illuminator.
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    Part #   Configuration Quick Quote
    8741-01   Nikon SMX800N with 1x Objective - on plain stand with 50/50 trinocular body tube with camera port (requires camera adapter), 10x eyepiece, 1x objective, LED illumination, flexible light pipes, 1/4 Lambda plate, and dust cover. Quick Quote

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    FibrFlex Fiber Optic Illuminator
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